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As you know my name is Talia I’m currently 25 years old and I’ve had my site up on the net since January 2000.
I’m originally from Santiago Chile but moved to Montreal when I was 12.

I started my site basically to share my life and sexual adventures for anyone who is interested to see! At first I used my site for my girlfriend and I to meet other girls and guys to introduce into our sex lives, it worked like a charm, too well actually! After having the site up for about a year she went her way and I went mine, and that’s when I really started getting more adventurous and having more fun with my sex life and documenting it on my site! Shortly after starting my website I became very good friends with Angie and she introduced me to many other web girls (and guys) and really helped me with my site and getting me set up to do cam shows so I can chat with members. I do 2 live cam shows a week where members get to see me and chat with me. I usually have a guest join me for my shows (sometimes many guests:-) we chat with the members for the first 15 minutes then get down to business and have fun! If a members missed a cam show, I have pictures from all past shows for them to see, so they don’t miss a thing!

It’s quite interesting that you can see how I grew over the last 4 years. My whole pregnancy is documented on my site as I did cam shows every week until 4 days before giving birth to my son Brandon in October of 2001! My son is my life and the website gives me the ability to stay home with him and not have to stick him in daycare while I go and work 40 hours at some job.

I love interacting with my members with cam shows and through email. I talk with a few guys who have been members since the beginning and we have become quite good friends! This may seem silly but my website was the best tool for me to break out of my shy, quiet shell and built confidence and explore my sexuality.

I hope you enjoy my site and everything I have here to share with you. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about me please don’t hesitate to write me (, I’m an open book as you can see!


How long have you been on the net?
I've had my site for about two years now, and I love it!

Do you prefer men or women?
- That is really tough to answer. I can't choose because every partner is different and I love both.

What is your favorite position?
- As long as I'm comfortable and don't have a gear shift in my back I'm not to picky!

Do you swallow?
- For the camera no because everyone wants to see me splattered with cum, off camera yes sometimes I do sometimes I don't. It depends on the situation I guess.






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